10th August 2018

Past exam question essay.

Q3- It is the careful use of technical elements that makes a film memorable.

Idea’s…some of the technical elements of minority report are, camera shots and angles

Minority Report is a dystopian film written by Steven Spielberg.  Technical elements in the film (Minority report) are the driving force behind making the film memorable. These technical elements are also key to conveying the main messages of the film – about individual choice, corruption and power.

Every paragraph: 1. Technology/technique 2. What idea this helps convey 3. how this is made memorable.

Camera shots are a key part of how technology is presented to us.  Early on we see a over the shoulder shot of john working on decoding the images being dissected from the Pre cognitive’s,

the images are being displayed on a futuristic screen that is curved and transparent

This futuristic technology and the mistreatment of the Pre cognitive’s lead us to believe that the genre of this film is dystopian, being a dystopian film makes this film memorable as it provides us with ideas of which our possible future could look like and gives us a warning that advance technology can be used to control us,

blind us from the truth and and strip us of our right’s.

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