17th November 2018

Exam Essay Practice.

Statement…The most important texts are those that criticize the present.

Essay plan…Nineteen Eighty Four is a dystopian text written by George OrWell in 1944.  The book takes place in a area called “Air Strip One” and is basically OrWells version of what Britten could look like in 1984.  The Statement i have chosen is “The most important texts are those that criticize the present.

Important texts are those that induce thought about a idea and inspire change.  While there are important texts that do effectively criticize the present,I believe that the most effective texts are those that criticize the future.  This is because criticism is meant to induce change and often it is too late to change the present,however getting a idea to be understood and change to take place is much more achievable if the text is criticizing the future.  The genre of dystopia is effectively a genre that criticizes the future by taking ideas from the present and enlarging the idea’s into a futuristic form to give us insight to how the idea could effect us in the future in order to create change.  Nineteen Eighty Four is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell about the dangers that totalitarianism posses on government.  It was written in the hope to effectively show us the dangers that totalitarianism has in government, and how dangerous technology could become in manipulating us into whatever the government saw fit by striping us of our individuality and ability to think.  Nineteen Eighty four is is used to criticizes totalitarianism by showing us a very possible future filled with oppression,manipulation and total lack of personality and the ability to think for our self’s. This oppressive world is made by using technology,language and fear of being”obliterated” in order to effectively criticize where society could be heading in order to inspire change and induce in depth thinking.

In the dystopian novel of Nineteen Eighty Four,Futuristic technology is described and utilized in a way to show us how controlling our future could become.   In the world of Nineteen Eighty Four There were many technology’s that were being used in order to survey and manipulate us.  One of these technology’s was called a “telescreen” these telescreens are basically just television’s that have the intention to watch,hear and manipulate us.  “But you could not control the beating of your heart and the telescreen was quite delicate enough to pick it up”while our televisions today might be as advanced as the ones in the novel the do still have cameras inbuilt into them,and have the capability to watch us,you never know who could be on the other side watching.  Over the past 50 or so years we have been able to watch the world that Orwell predicted and criticized come to life,he Predicted that technology would have the power to watch us,and it is only a matter or time until our online personal files are used against us in a similar manor to that of “Nineteen Eighty Four”.  While Orwell warned us about the manipulating ability that technology posses on us, he hasn’t yet been successful in creating change,although if there is still hope to stear us away from the manipulation that technology such as the “telescreen”could cause,this is because we are not to our knowledge being run by a tyrannical government.  Text’s that criticizes the future such as Nineteen Eighty Four are so important because they provide us with warning and hope for a better future.

The Oppressed world of nineteen eighty four is drained of individuality and the ability for individuals of “Air Strip one”to think critically.  This is because in the novel OrWell tells of the creation of a new language made by the government called “News speak”,News speak is basically just the deconstruction of our language  to slowly over time remove the words that are available to think and display emotion and opinion with.  “Don’t you see Winston the whole aim of news speak is to narrow the range of thought”this quote proves to us that “news speak”was infact used to remove individuality from citizens and ultimately made to make thought crime impossible,thought crime being just the crime of thinking about doing something illegal,this shows us that in the novel that even what you think and the words that are available to think with are controlled by the government. 

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