8th August 2018

English exam question

Good literature enlightens , great literature inspires action.                                                                                                                                                                     The dystopia text “1984” is a great piece of literature as it provided us with the warning of that language can be used to manipulate us and strip us of our individuality.                                                                                                                 

1984 is a good piece of English literature and not a great piece, because George Orwell used his writing to give us the warning that surveillance will be humanity’s downfall.  Dystopian novels such as “1984” are often set in the future, because of all of futuristic technology  that is used and explained in 1984 was not currently 

Many believe that literature is just a means of archiving and recording data and historical events, for the benefits and enjoyment of future generation.  However different genre’s such as dystopian text’s such as “1984” are so much more than that.  Dystopian texts are usually set in the future where society is flawed.  For dystopian texts such as “1984” they are used to warn us of possible futures of our society, Dystopian texts are so special as they can help to shape our future.  1984 is a great piece of English literature as for its time it introduced the idea of many foreign technology’s, the technology that “1984” introduced was surprisingly accurate to the technology we have now.  For example the novel introduces the idea of TV’s however the are called telly screens in 1984.

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