Minority Report was released in 2002 and is a dystopian film set in a state run by a corrupt police force,called the Pre-crime unit.  In Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg, a symbolic image which is constantly being referred to is the eye.  In dystopian texts such as Minority Report the symbol of the eye […]

My name is Abe and this is my story, of escape. The days were shrinking and it was a chilly morning, icicles lined the ground and Abe’s breathe curled up in front of him as he exhaled.  The bare soles of his feet were almost freezing to the concrete as he walked towards the area […]

The Awakening  .Dystopian text where the citizens have lost individuality and lost the majority of the function of the right hemisphere of there brain destroying creativity due to the suppression of our laws which has caused people to ultimately have the same personality. The corrupt government is controlling the state with its laws stripping people […]

symbols in Minority Report were used to induce the ideas that criticise the degree in which the state employs the use of surveillance into our lives justice is blind and or impartle

Q3- It is the careful use of technical elements that makes a film memorable. Idea’s…some of the technical elements of minority report are, camera shots and angles Minority Report is a dystopian film written by Steven Spielberg.  Technical elements in the film (Minority report) are the driving force behind making the film memorable. These technical […]

Good literature enlightens , great literature inspires action.                                                                                                […]

I’m sure you have all seen the bodies of the dead and dusty looking teens that wander our streets on a Saturday morning.  Our drinking culture starts from a very early age and because of all of the social pressures that us young people face such as fitting in, I’m surprised that we didn’t start […]

1984; Critical Review (3.1) Question…How does surveillance from 1984 compare to the surveillance nowadays and what are the effects it had on society back then compared to now? 1984 written by George Orwell is a dystopian novel written in 1944 to portray the idea that not only that totalitarian in government is bad, but also […]

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